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These are posts about programming. Archive for 2020.

The one perfect programming language

There's an episode of the TV show Friends where Chrissie Hynde has a guest role. Phoebe feels threatened by her guitar playing, and asks her "how many chords do you know?" "All of them."

Wouldn't it be cool if you could give the same answer when someone asks "how many programming languages do you know?"

But maybe that's a bit ambitious. So if you have to choose, which program language or programming languages do you learn?

Read the article - posted 2020-04-01

BASICODE: software distribution by radio broadcast in the 1980s

In 2009, I started an effort to digitize all my cassette tapes. As my last computer that still has a line in port is facing retirement, I decided to finally finish that project. Perhaps more about this later. Turns out some of these old cassettes have weird things on them, including radio broadcasts that contain computer programs.

Read the article - posted 2020-07-04

BASICODE: softwaredistributie via radiouitzendingen in de jaren ’80

In 2009 begon ik al mijn oude cassettebandjes te digitaliseren. Nu mijn laatste computer die nog een audio lijn-in poort heeft aan z’n pensioen toe is leek me dit het moment om dat project af te ronden. Misschien meer daarover op een later moment. Het blijkt dat er op sommige van die oude cassettes nogal vreemde dingen staan, inclusief radiouitzendingen met computerprogramma’s.

Lees hieronder hoe ik de Hobbyscoop jubileum-beeldkrant op een 31 jaar oude cassette wist te runnen op een moderne computer.

Read the article - posted 2020-07-04

Even more BASIC: PC-BASIC on the Mac

After my BASICODE adventures a few days ago, I really wanted to see if I could run a BASICODE game on my VT420 terminal.

Read the article - posted 2020-07-06

→ RecipeConverter

I recently got more interested in cooking, so I started looking for recipes on the internet. Then I found out that in the US, it's customary to list the amounts for many ingredients in teaspoons, tablespoons and cups, in addition to using pounds, pints, quarts and two types of ounces.

So I decided to make this page that will let me (and you) convert between these different measurements and the units the rest of the world understands: milliliters and grams. I wanted to make this easy so you could do it on the go on a phone or a tablet while cooking, hence the sliders rather than having to type in numbers.

This was the first time I used Javascript for a significant amount of functionality, and that was actually relatively easy.

Read the article - posted 2020-09-05

The one perfect sorting algorithm

A while ago, we discovered that there is no one perfect programming language. But is there one perfect sorting algorithm? I started thinking about that after seeing this Youtube video: The Sorting Algorithm Olympics - Who is the Fastest of them All. You may want to watch it first before continuing to read this post, as I'm going to give it away in the article.

Read the article - posted 2020-11-22

My keyboard and key rollover tester

I have a new mechanical keyboard on order, which lets you hot swap the keyboard switches. When you do that, it's a good idea to do a quick test to see if all the keys still work. There are many tools to do this, but I decided to make my own web-based one. I think it came out pretty nicely.

Read the article - posted 2020-12-24

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